Reporting and Accountability

To ensure public accountability and financial transparency, public libraries that receive provincial grant funding must submit the following three reports as part of the public library accountability framework.

All 71 B.C. public libraries report their annual statistics through the provincial Annual Survey of B.C.’s Public Libraries.

  • Public libraries submit their survey results through a web-based solution called Counting Opinions
  • Survey results from 2002-onwards are publicly available through the BC Data Catalogue
  • The 2018 Annual Survey updated survey questions and instructions for administrators will be available in early 2019
  • Please submit your 2018 statistics by May 15, 2019.

Provincial Public Library Grants Report (PLGR)

The Provincial Public Library Grant Report provides an opportunity for libraries to showcase their achievements throughout the year and demonstrate how they support provincial programs and priorities.

Please submit your 2018 PLGR by March 1, 2019.

All British Columbia public libraries and library federations that receive provincial grants are required to submit an annual Statement of Financial Information (SOFI), as per section 2 of the Financial Information Act (FIA)

  • The 2018 SOFI forms are available to download in Word (.docx) and PDF (.pdf) formats below.
  • Please submit your 2018 SOFI by May 15, 2019.
Document Word PDF
00 - Instruction Sheet .docx .pdf
Required Documents
01 - Table of Contents .docx .pdf
02 - Financial Information Act Submission Checklist .docx .pdf
03 - Board Approval Form .docx .pdf
04 - Management Report .docx .pdf
05 - Financial Documents (Provided by Submitters)    
06 - Schedule of Debt .docx .pdf
07 - Schedule of Guarantees and Indemnities .docx .pdf
08 - Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses .docx .pdf
09 - Statement of Severance Agreements .docx .pdf
10 - Statement of Changes in Financial Position .docx .pdf
11 - Schedule of Payments for Provision of Goods and Services .docx .pdf
Sample Documents
12 - Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses (SAMPLE) .docx .pdf
13 - Schedule of Payments for Provision of Goods and Services (SAMPLE) .docx .pdf