Provincial programs supporting libraries

Provincially supported programs include:

Access Copyright is a Canadian copyright collective representing Canadian creators and publishers (copyright holders).

Information posters in English (PDF) or French (PDF) are available for download. These posters can be printed and placed near public access photocopiers in libraries.


Accessible Library Collections

B.C.’s public libraries operate as a network to respond to the needs of people with print disabilities.

The following programs grant access to collections across the province and are available through local public libraries:

Did you know?

  • Print disabilities affect approximately 10% of the Canadian population
  • Approximately 5% of text materials are currently available in a format that is accessible to persons with print disabilities
  • According to the Copyright Act (section 32), a print disability is a learning, physical or visual, disability that impairs a person from reading conventional print

Resources for publishers

Inclusive publishing is the methodology and practice of creating a single, commercial publication which can be accessed by everyone irrespective of print disability, using mainstream or specialist assistive technology.  NNELS provides tools for publishers interested in making books and other content available to Canadians with print disabilities.

Each year, British Columbia’s public libraries help their users borrow over 135,000 books from other public, college, and university libraries from across the province. If you cannot find what you need in your local public library, the staff there can help you with an interlibrary loan using either the Illume software or through the BC Interlibrary Connect Zone.

  • Illume, in partnership with BC Electronic Library Network, provides access to library materials found in almost all B.C. public and post-secondary libraries.
  • The BC Interlibrary Connect Zone, in partnership with the BC Libraries Cooperative, allows patrons in libraries that use the Sitka library system to borrow items across the province.

Review the British Columbia Public Library Resource Sharing Program Policy

Library material shipping rate and shipping tool

Most interlibrary loans are eligible to be shipped via the Library Materials Shipping Rate.  Read more on the Library Material Shipping Rate and Shipping Tool.

The Province recognizes and supports public libraries’ changing role in today’s world. Professional development and capacity building opportunities for library staff, volunteers, and trustees are available through:

•    BC Library Conference
•    British Columbia Library Trustees Association Conference 
•    British Columbia Library Trustees Association - Library Governance Workshops
•    Beyond Hope Library Conference
•    Library Federations
•    Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference 

Any B.C. library cardholder can get a free BC OneCard decal by visiting another public library in the province. Library users only need to provide a valid public library card and a current ID with proof of  current address.

Each individual library sets out which resources and services are accessible using your BC OneCard. Contact a specific library for more information about their services.


Programs impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

Information for Library Patrons