Driving and transportation

Services and information topics

Driving and cycling

Get information on licensing and insurance, seasonal driving, safety, popular routes, cycling, emergency contacts and resources for older drivers.

Passenger travel

Travelling by bus, taxi, ferry, air or rail? B.C.’s transportation network offers safe and reliable passage, whatever your preferred mode of travel. 

Vehicle safety and enforcement

Commercial and private vehicles using highways and roads in B.C. need to follow standards and regulations provided by Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement (CVSE).

Funding, engagement and permits

Funding, engagement opportunities and highway events help communities build and enhance transportation and infrastructure and promote economic growth.

Transportation infrastructure

Transportation planners, engineers and contractors plan, build and maintain B.C.'s safe and reliable highways, bridges and other infrastructure.

Transportation reports and reference

Strategic reviews, infrastructure planning, public engagement summary reports, and feasibility studies drive B.C.’s transportation planning. 

Transportation and the environment

Learn how we lower the impact our transportation system and the environment have on each other.