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Wildfire recovery

Find supports and information for people, businesses and communities impacted by wildfires.

B.C.'s drought response

Learn how B.C. is taking action to reduce impacts of severe drought conditions and how you can help conserve water. Every drop counts.

See a pharmacist

You can see a pharmacist to be assessed and treated for minor ailments and get a prescription for contraception.

How may we help you?


Find information on vaccines, boosters and proof of vaccination. 

Employment, business and economic development

Learn about jobs, business and investment in B.C. Includes employment standards, business supports and funding. 

Birth, adoption, death, marriage and divorce

Find information for major life events, including ordering certificates and legal name changes. 


Find open data created and held by the B.C. government. Includes geographic data and statistics about B.C.’s population, labour market and economy. 

Education and training

Information on early childhood, K to 12, post-secondary and adult education. Includes resources and supports for education and skills training.  

British Columbians and our governments

Learn about government and our initiatives, and how we’re building relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

Driving and transportation

Learn about personal, public and commercial transport. Includes driver licensing, insurance, highways and road safety. 

Farming, natural resources and industry

Learn about agriculture, seafood, natural resources and land use. Includes information on forestry, mining, energy and the BC Building Code. 

Family and social supports

Resources for children, youth, families, seniors and people living with disabilities. Includes child care, income assistance and disability assistance. 


Find information for patients and health care professionals. Includes the Medical Services Plan (MSP), BC PharmaCare, mental health and substance use supports. 

Environmental protection and sustainability

Find out what B.C. is doing to address climate change. Includes information on air and water quality, waste management and environmental assessments. 

Housing and tenancy

Learn about renting, owning, buying or selling a home in B.C.  

Law, crime and justice

Learn about human rights, the legal system, courts and policing.  

Public safety and emergency services

Learn about public safety, crime prevention and natural disasters. Includes information on criminal record checks, cannabis and emergency preparedness. 

Sports, recreation, arts and culture

Learn about outdoor recreation, sport and culture in B.C. Includes hunting and fishing licences, BC Parks. 

Taxes and tax credits

Learn about provincial taxes and tax credits. Includes information about audits, rulings and appeals. 

Tourism and immigration

Information about visiting, moving or immigrating to, or studying in B.C. Includes information and supports for tourism businesses. 

Transportation and infrastructure projects

Learn about projects that are being planned or in development. Find out how they may affect your community and share your opinions. 



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B.C. moves to increase housing supply, deliver more homes faster

New measures are coming to B.C. that will help create more housing as the Province speeds up permitting and helps build more secondary suites for rent.

New measures are coming to B.C. that will help create more housing as the Province speeds up permitting and helps build more secondary suites for rent.

Monday, September 18, 2023

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