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About B.C.'s justice system

British Columbians expect the justice system to keep their communities safe and to provide certainty, proportionality and, above all, fairness when it deals with criminal, civil and family law matters. They expect an accessible system that overcomes barriers like distance, and which makes information and options clear. And they expect the system to be affordable. The B.C. government is transforming justice services in ways that meets these expectations.

Criminal justice

The criminal justice system is a foundation of Canadian society. It plays an important part in creating a just, peaceful and safe society. It does this by maintaining public safety, enforcing laws and protecting people’s rights. British Columbia works hard to ensure the best information about the criminal justice system is easily accessible to all British Columbians.

Human Rights

Human rights belong to all British Columbians. They are fundamental to creating and sustaining a fair and civilised society, and they help to ensure that all British Columbians can participate fully in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the province.

Courthouse services

There are 89 court locations throughout the province, 43 of which include court registries. Registries provide services to the public and legal community, including starting a court action, filing court documents, accessing court file information, paying fines or requesting information on court processes. 

For Legal Professionals

Learn how to nominate a British Columbia lawyer for a Queen’s Counsel (QC) designation,  apply to article with the Ministry of Attorney General or become a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits.

Anti-money laundering

Dirty money has no place in B.C. The act of laundering money can distort markets for people in British Columbia and potentially contribute to rising real estate prices.


In Focus

Minister’s statement on BC Prosecution Service’s changes to hate crimes policy

Friday, February 16, 2024

Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, has released the following statement in recognition of the BC Prosecution Service changes to their hate crimes policy: