About the Public Libraries Branch

Last updated on August 29, 2023

B.C. aims to build a future focused province-wide library system with programs, resources, and technology infrastructure that benefits people and communities through public libraries. Through the administration of the Library Act, the Public Libraries Branch strengthens the public library system by providing strategic leadership, professional advice, funding, and coordinating province-wide programs and shared services.

The Public Libraries Branch provides policy, planning, and administrative expertise related to public library services. The Branch also provides guidance to library boards, administrators, all levels of government, and other key stakeholders on governance and compliance with legislation relating to public libraries.

The Branch liaises with other ministries on library related issues and works with representatives from library associations and agencies within the province and throughout the country on emerging trends and issues in library service.

Key service areas - library boards, administrators and governments

  • Consultations relating to areas in legislation, governance, provincial services, and management of public library service
  • Coordination of the B.C. Annual Survey of Public Libraries
  • Coordination of provincial programs
  • Allocation of funding and accountability framework
  • Council of Federations Literacy Award
  • Community Literacy portfolio

Contact Information

For information about public library legislation, board governance or provincial programs contact:

Public Libraries Branch