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BC Building Code

Learn about the BC Building Code which applies to building construction & renovation. 

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Access Site C updates, information and news releases.

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Access information and resources to help start a farm or to grow a new farm business.

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Agriculture and seafood

The broad geography and climate of B.C. enables us to produce an impressive number of food products. British Columbians are proud of the over 200 agriculture commodities and 100 seafood species we harvest. In addition, B.C. has more than 1,500 businesses that produce foods and beverages ranging from breakfast cereal to wine to nutraceuticals.

Construction industry

The construction industry has a major impact on the growth and strength of the province. This industry has literally built B.C. – everything from homes and office buildings, to roads and bridges. Every project is a tribute to the skilled workers who built it.

Crown Land & Water

Crown land is land (or land covered by water like rivers or lakes) that is owned by the provincial government. This type of land is available to the public for many different purposes – from industry to recreation and research.


Forestry has played a huge role in B.C. for over 100 years. We do more than harvest timber: we seek to grow, sustain and benefit from our vast forests.

Electricity & Alternative Energy

The best energy sources are those that do not harm the environment. Learn about the types of energy we use in B.C. and what we do to conserve them.


B.C. Rangelands are on both public and private lands. Most of the province’s livestock grazing is done under trees, particularly in open forests, although grasslands are important sources of forage also. Rangelands have been managed under Crown Licenses for more than 100 years.

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Working on the Land Base

B.C. is comprised of 94% provincial Crown land, 1% federal Crown land and 5% private land. Learn more about these different land types and appropriate uses for them.

Consulting with First Nations

Consulting with First Nations

B.C.’s obligations for consulting First Nations on land and resource decisions.

Read more about consulting First Nations

Agriculture & Seafood Programs

Agriculture & Seafood Programs

Agriculture and seafood producers and processors can access programs and funding to support their businesses.

Agriculture & Seafood Programs

Site C Clean Energy Project

Site C Clean Energy Project

Site C will generate clean, renewable, cost-effective electricity in B.C.

Read about the Site C plan

BC Timber Sales (BCTS)

BC Timber Sales (BCTS)

BC Timber Sales manages costs & pricing for timber harvested from public land in B.C.

Read more about BC Timber Sales