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New Relationships

The B.C. government is working with Indigenous Peoples to close socio-economic gaps.

BC Bid

Create, browse and compete on public sector contract opportunities, and access resources and tools to manage the entire procurement lifecycle.

BC Auction

Use real-time, online bidding to buy surplus government assets.

Services and Information Topics

Organizational structure

B.C.'s elected leaders and public servants are here to serve the citizens of B.C. and they're held accountable for their actions and decisions that impact residents. Learn about the different government bodies, the people that staff them and the work that they do.  

Initiatives, plans and strategies

Learn how B.C. government initiatives, strategies and plans support the B.C. Budget to help improve affordability, government services, and the economy.

Government ID

Proving your identity is required for many day-to-day activities like completing an application, cashing a cheque or renting a hotel room. B.C. residents should have government-issued ID and know how to keep their personal identity safe.

Services and policies

The Government of British Columbia, through various branches and service lines, provides key services to ministries and organizations, employees, and broader public sector (BPS) entities. Find and access the B.C. government services you need, including real estate, records management, procurement, supply, and information technology.

Celebrating British Columbia

B.C., Canada's westernmost province, is a land of diverse terrains and rich history. Learn about our people, our regions and our culture.

Local governments

Municipalities and regional districts provide British Columbians with essential local and regional services such as clean water, sewer systems, parks and recreation and fire protection. These local governments plan, adopt bylaws and shape communities.

Government finances

Government accounting, economic forecasting and fiscal planning are integral aspects of how the Province of British Columbia operates. Learn how the B.C. government manages spending.

Technology and innovation

The B.C. government is focused on growing technology and innovation in the province. Last year, we invested more than $700 million to develop a world-leading talent pool, help companies start-up and grow and provide the infrastructure communities and British Columbians need to participate in the innovation economy. All of these investments are catalysts that stimulate economic growth, improve competitiveness and create jobs across B.C. in all sectors of the economy.

Community, Consultations & Dialogue

Community, Consultations & Dialogue

GovTogetherBC is the hub for government engagement opportunities that require your participation - to listen, get informed and speak up.

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