2020/21 Final Operating Grants

Government is providing an additional $134 million in operating grants to school districts this year for a total of $5.533 billion. 

Children and youth in care, children living in low income families and a greater number of students with mental health challenges will benefit from a new $23-million supplement being allocated to school districts in 2020/21.

The ministry is improving equity in the system by continuing to increase funding to support students with special needs and Indigenous education. Students with special needs are being supported with $627 million in supplemental funding in 2020/21. Indigenous learners will benefit from $90.9 million in supplemental funding in 2020/21.

Students at rural schools will benefit from the largest one-year funding increase ever for their schools, with $322 million allocated this year, $26.9 million more than last year.

Supplement Rate Increases
Supplement 2020/21
Rate Increase
Basic Allocation (excluding Distributed Learning) 92.00 7,560.00
Students with Special Needs  Level 1 600.00 43,000.00
Students with Special Needs  Level 2 200.00 20,400.00
Students with Special Needs  Level 3 50.00 10,300.00
English / French Language Learners 25.00 1,520.00
Indigenous Students 50.00 1,500.00
Non-graduated Adult Education 50.00 4,823.00
Student Location Factor (elementary) 4.47 270.93
Student Location Factor (secondary) 5.93 361.24
Small Community N/A N/A
Low Enrolment N/A N/A

Please refer to the following documents for more details and district specific grant estimates:


2020/21 Final Operating Grants Summary by School District (updated June 2021)

Funding for Graduated Adult Enrolment