2020/21 Estimated Operating Grants

Government is providing an additional $133.6 million in operating grants to school districts this year for a total of about $5.536 billion. 

Children and youth in care, children living in low income families and a greater number of students with mental health challenges will benefit from a new $23-million supplement being allocated to school districts in 2020/21.

The ministry is improving equity in the system by continuing to increase funding to support students with special needs and Indigenous education. Students with special needs are being supported with an estimated $627 million in supplemental funding in 2020/21. Indigenous learners will benefit from an estimated $93.3 million in supplemental funding in 2020/21.

Students at rural schools will benefit from the largest one-year funding increase ever for their schools, with $322 million allocated this year, $26.9 million more than last year.

Supplement Rate Increases
Supplement 2020/21
Rate Increase
Basic Allocation (excluding Distributed Learning) 92.00 7,560.00
Students with Special Needs  Level 1 600.00 43,000.00
Students with Special Needs  Level 2 200.00 20,400.00
Students with Special Needs  Level 3 50.00 10,300.00
English / French Language Learners 25.00 1,520.00
Indigenous Students 50.00 1,500.00
Non-graduated Adult Education 50.00 4,823.00
Student Location Factor (elementary) 4.47 270.93
Student Location Factor (secondary) 5.93 361.24
Small Community N/A N/A
Low Enrolment N/A N/A

Please refer to the following documents for more details and district specific grant estimates:

Funding Estimator Program for 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23

Funding and Allocation makes available to boards a tool to assist in estimating their funding for the next three years.

The Estimator is in the form of an Excel workbook and can be input with a district's projected enrolments to estimate a particular year's funding.

A customized Estimator for a district will be provided on request by e-mail to Michael Lebrun.