2011/12 Final Operating Grants

The simplified funding formula comprises a student base allocation plus supplementary grants. There are 7 broad categories for supplementary grants:

  • Unique student needs, including special needs, English as a Second Language, Aboriginal Education, and Adult Education programs;
  • Enrolment Decline, where enrolments decrease by more than one per cent in a year;
  • Salary Differentials, for districts with higher average teacher salaries;
  • Unique Geographic Factors;
  • Transportation and Housing;
  • Formula Transition; and
  • Funding Protection

Please refer to the following documents for more details and district specific grant estimates.

2011/12 Operating Grants Manual (PDF)

2011/12 Operating Grant Tables (PDF) (updated June 2012)

2011/12 Final Operating Grant Summary by School District

Education Guarantee Funding for Graduated Adult Enrolment