Kindergarten to Grade 12

Education is vital to a healthy and successful life. Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) programs help build a solid foundation for our children’s future. Explore a variety of educational tools designed to support learning.


A great teacher has always been the key to outstanding learning experiences. Bring your skills to our diverse Kindergarten to Grade 12 school system as a B.C. certified educator.


At one time or another, every student needs support to achieve their learning goals. Whether it comes from parents, our education system or other students, this support can make all the difference in succeeding in education and in life. Check out these areas where you can provide support:


Access information and data such as education standards, funding, reporting, programming legislation and policy. Use it to manage and develop programs, support leadership and plan for the future.

Communicable Disease Prevention in K-12 Schools

For students and staff in the classroom full time.