K-12 Funding and Allocation

Publication Date: September 5, 2023

The provincial government and BC's 60 elected Boards of Education co-manage the education system in British Columbia.  The province establishes the amount of grant funding for public education annually, and uses a funding formula to allocate these funds to Boards of Education.

Boards manage and allocate their allotment based on local spending priorities.  In addition, the province provides capital costs and funding for special programs through supplemental government funds.

The funding allocation system provides financial resources for the operation of the K-12 system by using data collected from schools and districts and applying formulae to ensure equity across British Columbia.

Goals and objectives

  • to allocate operating funding so that students in all districts have an equal opportunity to receive a quality education
  • to ensure operating grants are based consistently on the funding formula and are within the budget limits established by the Minister of Finance
  • to ensure that Boards of Education and the public understand how funds are allocated to Boards of Education

Major program activities

  • funding allocations for operating grants for K-12 public education system
  • funding and monitoring of Distance Education Programs
  • providing information and analysis on the funding allocations
  • updating the allocation system to meet initiatives of government and requirements of Boards of Education