2010/11 Operating Grants

The simplified funding formula comprises a student base allocation plus supplementary grants.
There are 7 broad categories for supplementary grants:

  • Unique student needs, including special needs, English as a Second Language, Aboriginal Education, and Adult Education programs;
  • Enrolment Decline, where enrolments decrease by more than one per cent in a year;
  • Salary Differentials, for districts with higher average teacher salaries;
  • Unique Geographic Factors;
  • Transportation and Housing;
  • Formula Transition; and
  • Funding Protection

Please refer to the following documents for more details and district specific grant estimates.

2010/11 Operating Grants Manual (PDF)

2010/11 Operating Grant Recalculation Tables (PDF)

Grant Adjustments will be disbursed to school districts on the following basis:

  February and March 2011 15 percent each month  
  April and May 2011 25 percent each month  
  June 2011 20 percent  

Targeted Funding

The minimum spending amount for Aboriginal Education programs is identified in Table 5b, as prescribed under Section 106.4 of the School Act (PDF).  This amount has been recalculated based on final enrolment data.

2010/11 Final Operating Grant Summary by School District

Education Guarantee Funding for Graduated Adult Enrolment

2010/11 Education Guarantee (PDF)