CMS Lite Manual

This manual is for content editors who use CMS Lite, the Province of B.C.'s web-based content management system. CMS Lite is used to create and other related sites.

The CMS Lite Overview provides a summary to familiarize new users with the system.

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The CMS Lite home screen gives you quick and easy access to all the functionality required to create, edit and publish pages. The home screen has four sections:

  1. Banner
  2. Open item by URL or ID
  3. Content/Asset Status Pane
  4. Workflow Status Pane

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 CMS Lite home page with image map links to the four sections of the home page

The CMS Lite interface has action buttons and drop-down menus to manage and filter content.  Item Control bars let you collapse and expand panes to maximize screen usage.

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elements on the home page

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