Unpublishing Content & Assets

When content and assets are unpublished, they are only removed from the Production web server. They will remain in the CMS Lite in an unpublished state, and may still be viewed on the Quality Assurance (QA) web server. Alternately, if a page or asset is deleted, it will be removed from both environments and a service request will need to be submitted to the GDX Service Desk to have it restored. 

If necessary, navigate to the applicable pane listed below.  The Unpublish dialog box will be displayed when the unpublish action is selected.

Content /Asset Status Pane

  1. Select the nodes (pages) or assets for publishing
    • Select the Assets button to view the Asset Status Pane
  2. Use the  [Unpublish] action button above the Content or Asset Status grid

Content Navigation Pane

  1. Select the nodes (pages) for unpublishing
  2. Choose Unpublish Selected from the Action menu

Content Pane

  1. Select the [Unpublish] action button at the bottom of the Content Pane

Asset Folder Pane

  1. Select the asset(s), then the [Unpublish] action button

Asset Settings Pane

  1. Select the [Unpublish] action button at the bottom of the Asset Settings Pane

Unpublish Warning Message

The Unpublish box will be displayed with the following warning message "Are you sure you would like to unpublish this item(s)? All unsaved changes will be lost. Warning: unpublishing a parent page that has children will orphan the child pages in Production and they will no longer be accessible from the left-hand navigation."
Unpublish confirmation box

  1. Click [Confirm] to complete the action

    The Unpublish box will be closed and a message will be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen "The xxx has been unpublished"