Alerts Tab

Alert messages will be displayed at the top of the content well when a page is displayed in a web browser.  

How and when to use Alerts - design guidance from the Design System

Alert message sample

  1. Select the Alerts tab 
    Alerts tab
  2. Click the [Add New Alert] action button
    The Alert component will be displayed. Click image to view in full screen
    alert component
  3. The Type field defaults to Danger (red alert).  Use the drop-down arrow to select an alternate alert type:
  • Warning–yellow
  • Success–green
  • Information–blue
  1. Enter applicable text, up to a maximum of 250 characters, in the required Message field
  2. If applicable, complete the Start and End date fields
    1. Click in the Start field
      A calendar will be displayed with the current date and time
      Alert Start date calendar
    2. Navigate to the desired start date
      new date selected in the calendar
    3. You may select a new time using the up/down arrows
      demonstrates the use of the up down arrows to change the hour
    4. Or, you may click directly on the number to display increments
      displaying increments to select from
      Incrementally choices will be displayed
      alternate pop-up with incremental choices
    5. Depending on the time of day, an [AM] or [PM] button will be displayed next to the seconds.  If necessary, click on it to toggle to morning or afternoon
      AM PM toggle
    6. Click outside the calendar to close the pop-up
      The Start field will be populated with the selected date and time
      populated start field
    7. If an end date is required, click in the End date field and repeat steps b - f
  3. Repeat the above steps to add up to five alert messages.  Once the maximum has been reached the [Add New Alert] action button will no longer be available