CMS Lite Assets Menu

Assets are defined as any file uploaded to the CMS Lite to be used in combination with a content page.  Asset folders are used to contain all images, docs, pdfs and media files, and are accessible to all content editors within the same security group.

The Assets menu display is split into two distinctive panes:  Navigation Pane and Assets Folder Pane.  The panes are divided by scrollbar and the Navigation Pane may be collapsed to maximize the Assets Folder Pane working area.
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Asset menu screen

When the Assets screen is initially opened, the tree displays folders grouped by Theme.  Similar to the Content Navigation Pane, assets have been grouped by Topic under the applicable theme and sub-theme. CMS Lite users are able to create any new folders under topics. 

The Themes displayed will be based on your security access.  Example: if you manage content under Law, Crime and Justice, as well as Public Safety and Emergency Services,  these are the only themes you will see in the Navigation Pane.  The Theme (Level 1) and Sub-theme (Level 2) pages are displayed as part of the navigation; however, content editors do not have access to assets within these folders.

As you navigate down the tree use the arrows (Expand Collapse icons) to expand and collapse the tree.  If you click on a folder name, the selection becomes 'active' and the Asset Folder tab will be displayed in the Asset Pane.
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CMS Lite asset folder pane
In this example, the user only has access to assets below the CMS Lite Manual folder and the Visual Design Guide.

When you click on a specific folder, for example - Web Presence,  you will only see lower-level folders and an [Open] action button.  Actual assets will only be displayed on folders within your security group.

You may also use the Open item by URL or ID to directly access a specific Asset Setting Pane.  Simply paste in the ID and click [Open].