Accessing CMS Lite

Information about getting started using CMS Lite and how to deal with connection errors.

Getting Started in CMS Lite

How do I get a CMS Lite License?

A license and introductory training are required to create or edit content in CMS Lite. To request a license, submit a Service Request to the GDX Service Desk.

How do I sign up for CMS Lite training?

Information on available training and the registration process is outlined on the CMS Lite training and registration page (IDIR login required).

I don’t see my topic(s) in CMS Lite

If you have a license to CMS Lite, but the topic(s) you need to access do not appear in the Content Menu, please contact the GDX Service Desk so that they may determine if your IDIR has been applied to the appropriate security groups(s).

My manager needs to view the work I have created in CMS Lite

Only people with a CMS Lite license can access content in the application; however, anyone with an IDIR account should be able to see content on the Quality Assurance (QA) web server.  Send them the link that begins with /gov/  After being prompted for their IDIR credentials, the page will be displayed. If they are unable to view the page, please contact the GDX Service Desk.

CMS Lite Availability and Errors

Why is CMS Lite not available? 

The application could be down for maintenance. Typically this will occur during a Tuesday night change window (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM). Occasionally, the system may need to be restarted in the middle of the work day. In both instances, CMS Lite users will be notified in advance via the Alert Message in the Banner.

I am getting the message "Error Initiating User Session" when I try to connect

If you have successfully accessed CMS Lite application in the past, but are receiving an 'Error Initiating User Session' message, try closing your browser and reopening CMS Lite as it may be a temporary database connection issue. Contact the GDX Service Desk if the problem persists

I am trying to work in CMS Lite and the message “!Sorry, an error has occurred”

Typically when this error message is displayed, CMS Lite has temporarily lost connection with the database that stores all the content information. Try refreshing the screen (F5). If that does not work, select the Logout link and log back in to CMS Lite.  If the error continues, please contact the GDX Service Desk.