Web Analytics Guide

Analytics can help you understand how people use your website content. 

Our analytics platform provides detailed reports which can demonstrate website content performance for your team and clients.

This is available for web pages across government.

Gov.bc.ca uses an analytics tracking program called Snowplow to gather data on user journeys through the site.

The information is fully anonymized and then displayed in a Looker dashboard.

Reports created include:

  • Near real-time results (approximately 15 minutes time difference)
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Live filtering
  • Powerful data export capabilities
  • Historical data going back 2 years

However, a reminder that to get a full picture of your data, consider combining analytics results with:

  • User experience research
  • “Did you find” results

Recommended Web Browsers

To avoid display issues that may occur with other web browsers, use one of the following to access reports.

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