Open Item by URL or ID Field

To open a page or asset, content editors can simply paste the URL or GUID, from either the QA or Production web server, into the Open item by URL or ID: field and click the [Open] action button.  As long as you have access to the page or asset, the Content Menu or Assets Menu will open and the item will be displayed in the right-hand pane.

Open by URL or ID field

This field also exists in the Content Navigation Pane and the Asset Navigation Pane, allowing you to open an item in the same manner.  Depending on the item type (page or asset), the applicable menu will be opened.  For example, if you enter an asset URL or ID in the Content Navigation Pane, the CMS Lite will move you from the Content menu to the Asset menu.


When a page is opened, the Content Navigation Pane and the Content Pane will display the template.  The checkbox a selected checkbox next to the Nav title in the Navigation Pane will be selected, and  the Setting Tab in the Content Pane will be displayed. Along with the Title, Nav Title, Page Path and Page ID, the Settings tab contains information about the page, such as when it was original created, if it has been modified and if it is currently locked by another user. 

If the page is locked, you will only be able to view the content in each for the tabs.  To make edits to the content you will first need to [Unlock] the page.  An email will be sent to the person when a file is unlocked. 


When an asset is opened, the Asset Navigation Pane and Asset Settings Pane will be displayed.  The checkbox a selected checkbox next to the Folder in the Navigation Pane will be selected, and the Settings Tab in the Asset Settings Pane will be active.  Along with a Title, File Name and Asset ID, the Settings tab also contains the file size, along with the date it was published.  

Assets are never in a locked state as they cannot be edited within the CMS Lite.