CMS Lite Workflow Status Pane

The workflow status pane will display all jobs (workflows) that have been submitted to the Production web server.  A completed workflow will no longer appear in the status pane after 24 hours.  If a job fails to complete the publishing process it will remain in the grid for five day unless it is deleted. Workflows sometimes fail to update history information in the database.

If a job fails:

  • Do not invoke the publish action again on failed jobs as creates another workflow
  • Use the [Retry] action button to resend the job

If the job fails again, select the [Messages] action button to review why the job is in a FAILED_PUBLISH state.

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Workflow Status Pane

The Owner: field will default to your IDIR account.  To view other jobs in your security group, select the applicable IDIR account from the drop-down menu (the grid will automatically refresh).

Use the [Refresh] action button to refresh the status in the State column.  For example, when a  publish job is initiated the state will move from Pending, to In Progress, to Complete, but will not automatically be reflected.  

The [Cancel Selected] action button is used to remove completed jobs from the pane (this does not remove them from the Production web server), or delete a job that is in PENDING_PUBLISH or FAILED_PUBLISH status. 

  • If you inadvertently republish a job on a different workflow, remove the failed job(s) from the Workflow Status grid

Job ID is a unique identifier assigned each time the [Publish] action is invoked.

Owner indicates the IDIR account of the user that invoked the [Publish] action. 

State will indicate one of the following:

  • PENDING_PUBLISH—displays when the Publish action is initially invoked. When a job is in this state, it can be cancelled, rescheduled or additional pages/assets can be attached to the workflow
  • IN_PROGRESS—the job has started and no further actions can be invoked
  • FAILED_PUBLISH—the job has failed to publish to the Production web server. It is important that the job completes to ensure the most current version is saved to the database. Refer to Messages for more information. 
  • COMPLETE—the job has successfully been published and a copy saved to the database.  If you check the box "Notify me when published", you will receive an email.  If not, you can click on the [Messages] action button to display the same information that would have been received in an email

Details indicates the number of items in the workflow.  Click on the number to display the ID and name of the items in the workflow.  

File Size of Assets will display the combined total of the asset sizes in the workflow.  A maxiumum of 100 MB (or 500 files) may be published on one workflow. 

Schedule Date reflects the date and time that a workflow completed or failed to publish to the Production web server. In the case of a Pending Publish this field indicates the date and time the job is scheduled to complete. Click on the date to reschedule a job in Pending status.  

Retry action button is only displayed when a workflow fails to publish. Click on the [Retry] action button to resubmit the job.  Do not invoke a new workflow.  

Messages action button displays information about the workflow in the following states. 

  • PENDING_PUBLISH status—no message is displayed. Use the Details column to view workflow details.
  • COMPLETE status—displays ID, file name and date and time of completion. This is the same information that would be provided if you opted to be notified when publishing a job.
  • FAILED_PUBLISH—the message displayed will depend on why the job failed.
    • If an ID is provided, check the page/asset to ensure it does not have an invalid warning icon as these will not publish. Correct the issue and select the [Retry] action button
    • If it does not provide a page/asset ID it may be that at that instance the database was not available. In this circumstance, select the [Retry] action button to invoke the workflow process again rather than submit a new workflow. In most cases, the job will complete successfully
    • If it failed because it exceeded the asset publish limit (100 MB or 500 files), cancel the workflow and try publishing the assets in smaller batches

Review Publishing for more details.