Right Column Subscribe Box

The Subscribe component is used to notify users of changes to a specific web page. Only the Subscribe component should to used to ensure a consistent presentation and experience for citizens'. It is recommended that it appear as the first (top) right-column box, as per the example on this page.

  1. Select the Right Column tab
  2. Click the [Add New Right-column Boxes] action button and choose Subscribe from the drop-down list
    Drop-down list for the Add New Right-column action button

    The Subscribe component will be displayed. Click image to view in full screen

Subscribe component

Note: The text is hard-coded and cannot be edited

  1. If applicable, move the Subscribe component to the top position
  2. Click the [Save] and view the page in QA for accuracy

Publishing with a Subscribe Component 

When a Subscribe component is attached to a page, the Publish box will include an additional checkbox.  When the page is published for the first time with the Subscribe component, disregard this checkbox as there will be no subscribers at this point.

  1. Choose the [Publish] action button for the page. (Note: The notify option does not display when publishing multiple pages at one time)
    The Publish box will be displayed with the Notify Subscribers checkbox

additional checkbox when publishing with a subscribe component

  1. The Publish box will default to Publish Now.  
  • Leave the default and select [Confirm]
  • Select the Publish Later radio button and select an applicable date and time, and then select [Confirm]

Subscribe distribution list

When a user subscribes to a page, an email will be sent to them to verify the request. Once they have verified the request, they will be added to a distribution list for the page. Each page will have it's own distribution list. If a user wants to unsubscribe to a page, they can do so via a link in the subscription emails.

Important things to remember:

  • Determine which pages warrant notification of content updates and how frequently you want to notify subscribers of changes. Do not flood them with notifications
  • If you wish to remove a subscribe component from a page, or unpublish or delete the page, notify the GDX Service Desk to have the distribution list removed beforehand
  • Only CMS Lite users who have the role to publish content can send an email message to subscribers
  • Subscriptions via mobile phone is not available. Only email addresses can be used to subscribe to a page

Sending notification to subscribers

  1. Update web page with required changes and [Save]
  2. Select the [Publish] action button to send out a notification of changes to the page
    The Publish box will be displayed with the Notify Subscribers checkbox
    publish box with number of subscribers
  3. Leave the default set to Publish Now, or select the Publish Later radio button and select an applicable date and time
  4. If the content change warrants notification, click Notify Subscribers of this page checkbox
    The Message for Subscribers text field will be displayed
    Message for Subscribes field in Publish box
  5. Enter a message to be sent to subscribers in Message for Subscribers field (note 1,024 character maximum). Do not use special characters in the message
  6. Click [Confirm] to complete the action
    The Publish box will be closed, and a message will be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen "The Publish Job has been created and contains xx item(s)"

Once the publish job has completed, an email message will be sent to all subscribers, and the message will be recorded in the History tab.

Click image to view in full screen
notification message in History tab

Submit Sequence

The following image outlines the three events that are triggered when the Submit button is invoked.  The email example depicts the email notification along with the unsubscribe links.

Click image to view in full screen

screenshots outlining the sequence of  subscribe events