Right Column Related Links Box

The New Related Links component allows for user-defined headings and up to 10 links, along with introductory text if desired.  Inline links may also be embedded in the intro field (as shown in the first right-hand column box.

  1. Select the Right Column tab
  2. Click  [Add New Right-column Boxes] action button and choose Related Links from the drop-down list
    Drop-down list for the Add New Right-column action button

    The Related Links component will be displayed. Click image to view in full screen

Related Links component

  1. Enter an applicable title, up to a maximum of 40 characters, in the required Heading field
  2. If desired, enter up to a maximum 1024 characters, into the required intro field
  3. To add links to the component, click the [Add New Links] button

The Links box will be displayed.
Add New Link fields

  1. Enter up to a maximum of 512 characters in the required Text field
  2. In the URL field:
    • Add a secure external URL (include https://), or
    • Select the Browse drop-down menu and choose the applicable option

browse menu
The applicable picker will be displayed

  • Search or Navigate to the page/asset
  • Choose the [Select] to complete the action

    The picker will be closed and the URL field will be populated
  1. The Target defaults to Current Window.  Click the drop-down arrow to select New Window if linking to an Asset
  1. Use the [Add New Links] button to add up to 10 links.   Links can be reordered within each individual Related Links component

1Once the [Add New Links] action button has been invoked, all fields must be completed or a validation error will occur.  To remove a Links box click the Delete icon button to remove the replicant.  To re-order the links, left-click on the up/down arrows to the left of the link text and drag-and-drop to the new location.

Click image to view in full screen
reordering links