Service experience and digital delivery

Last updated: September 2, 2021

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Service design

Service design is used to create services that meet people's needs. We rely on direct, behavioural and systemic research with people to improve how services are delivered.

Citizen engagement

Citizen engagement create opportunities for people to provide feedback on our policies and programs.

Online delivery and products

We develop and maintain digital products that enhance the online experiences for people.

Behaviourial Insights

The BC Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG) is a team in the BC Public Service Agency that applies behavioural science knowledge and methods to address public policy problems.


Lean is a continuous improvement philosophy that empowers employees at all levels to identify problems and create solutions.

LeanBC champions this vision within the public service, leads complex, cross-ministry improvement projects, and provides training, coaching and other supports to ministries with continuous improvement projects.

Innovation Hub

An innovative workplace culture provides the foundation for public service employees to simplify, modernize, and streamline the citizen experience. The Innovation Hub is unlocking the innovative potential of our workforce by connecting employees to each other and to new ways of working, including agile, strategic foresight, systems thinking, human-centred design, and behavioural insights.