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Policies, standards and guides

B.C. government's web content standards and guides support accessible and inclusive design practices, including meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA. Developers and content authors of B.C. government web properties must follow these guides.

Government Digital Experience (GDX) sets the standards to deliver information and services to British Columbians with the authority described in Core Policies and Procedures Manual (CPPM) Chapter 22

Web content design

All web content must follow standards and guidelines. 

CMS Lite

Support for using the corporate content management system.


Policies and standards are how we make sure that the work you do is being managed in the same way across the organization.


Use data to learn about your business and improve your programs and services.

Services and support

Support for digital services

GDX develops and maintains many digital products that enhance online experiences for people.

Service and content design

We use human-centred design to help government deliver better services and digital content to people in B.C.

Citizen engagement

Citizen engagement creates opportunities for people to provide feedback on our policies and programs.

Communities and learning

Content Design and Writing Group (CDAWG)

CDAWG is for anyone working with web content who wants to learn about current and upcoming web writing and content standards. We share ideas, experiences, innovative projects and discuss strategies with our peers.

Internet Advisory Council (IAC)

The IAC is a community of digital talent from across government who contribute to the governance and improvement of online experiences.

Exchange Lab

The Exchange Lab is a space where we are learning to be digital. It is both a physical space and a community of people working in the open and learning how to improve service delivery in the BC Public Service together.

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is unlocking the innovative potential of our workforce by connecting employees to each other and to new ways of working.


LeanBC leads complex, cross-ministry projects to identify problems and create solutions. They also provide training, coaching and other supports to ministries with continuous improvement projects.

Behavioural Insights Group

The BC Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG) is a team in the BC Public Service Agency that applies behavioural science knowledge and methods to address public policy problems.


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