Supplemental content - Contact information box

Last updated on January 9, 2024

Use Contact Information boxes to display departmental or topic-related contact information on


The Contact Information component ensures a consistent and user-friendly display of contact details on

It has the option to include intro text and contact information including:

  • Phone/Fax numbers
  • Street or mailing addresses
  • E-mail addresses


Contact information box displaying 3 phone numbers, 2 addresses, and an email address

Positioning the box

Contact information should always be displayed as the last supplemental content box on a page.

Label prefixes

Label prefix fields may be used to identify different departments and are not mandatory.

Keyboard navigation

You may use the Tab key to move from field to field.  Also, some standard keyboard commands, such as Ctrl+B (bold) or Ctrl+V (paste) are available.

Adding contact information

Expanding, deleting, and moving components

When editing an existing page with supplemental content (formerly right-hand column) boxes, the components will initially be collapsed. 

  • Click on the Item Control Bar to expand/collapse the component
  • Click the delete icon delete to remove a component or replicant field
  • Hold the left mouse button down on the Item Control Bar to drag and drop to reorder the components or replicant fields

Step-by-step guide to adding contact information

Contact Information component

Part 1. Create content information box

  1. Select the Right Column tab
  2. Click the [Add New Right-column Boxes] action button and choose Contact Information from the drop-down list
    Drop-down list for the Add New Right-column action button

    The Contact Information component will be displayed.

Part 2: Complete fields and options

Complete the following fields:

  • Intro Text: Up to 200 characters. Only one intro allowed.
  • Contact Phones: Add up to 5 phone numbers
    • Select [Add New Contact Phones] action button to add another number
    • Label prefix (optional)
    • Type (mandatory, options include Fax, Mobile, Office, Toll-free)
    • Phone number (Mandatory, in XXX-XXX-XXXX format)

Contact Phones replicant fields

  • Contact Addresses: Add up to 5 addresses
    • Select [Add New Contact Addresses] action button to add another address
    • Label prefix (optional)
    • Type (Mandatory, options include Courier, HR, Mailing, Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping, Street)
    • Full address (mandatory, must include city)

Contact Addresses replicant

  • Contact Emails: Add up to 5 email addresses
    • Select [Add New Contact Emails] action button to add another email
    • Label prefix (optional)
    • Email (mandatory)

  • Contact Websites: Add up to 5 website URLs
    • Select [Add New Contact Websites] action button to add another website
    • Label prefix (optional)
    • URL (mandatory, enter a valid URL or browse to an internal page or asset)

Contact Websites replicant