Asset Navigation Pane

Assets cannot be modified within the CMS Lite; however, the modified status will indicate 'Y' if asset settings have been changed, or a published asset has be overwritten with a new version.  When an asset folder is created and saved it becomes a ‘container’ for all subsequent uploads.  

Assets are stored in the same format as a page node.  When a new asset is added (uploaded) to the CMS Lite a unique ID (GUID) will be applied.  This allows for assets to be moved from one topic to another, within your security group, without breaking existing links.  You can also move an entire asset folder using the same drag-and-drop functionality that exists within the Content Navigation Pane. 

When files are uploaded, the file name will be modified to ensure they are in lower case format and underscores will be used to replace any spaces.  This ensures the file name will meet necessary requirements to form the Human Readable URL (HRU).

Action Drop-Down Menu

Asset Menu drop-down options

Check the box next to an Asset Folder selected checkbox , or click on the asset folder title to select it, to perform any of the functions.

New Folder:   select one location to add a new folder.  If more than one node is selected, the menu item will be greyed out.

Upload File(s):  select a folder location, then choose upload.  If more than one node is selected, the menu item will be greyed out.

Delete:  To delete a folder, you must first delete all of the assets in the folder.

Bulk Tag Metadata and Terms to Selected and Their Children: select a folder to apply terms to multiple assets at one time.

Publish Selected Folder (Assets and Children Assets):  select applicable folder(s) to publish all the assets and child folders and assets contained within it.