Services and policies for government and broader Public Sector

The Government of British Columbia, through various branches and service lines, provides key services to ministries and organizations, employees, and broader public sector (BPS) entities. Find and access the B.C. government services you need, including real estate, records management, procurement, supply, and information technology.

Real Estate & Space

Access a real estate and property management provider with a diverse portfolio of established services, documented processes and advanced technologies.

Information Management & Technology

Information management and information technology (IM/IT) play important, interconnected roles in government administration: they inform decision-making, policy development and service delivery.

Internal Corporate Services

Internal corporate services are enterprise-wide services provided by the Government of British Columbia to its ministries, Crown corporations and the broader public sector.

Cloud Computing in the BC Government

Last updated: January 12, 2022

Cloud technology represents the next great shift in government’s digital transformation. It means using modern tools and systems to help improve how we deliver services to British Columbians.

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