Topic Tab

The Topic tab is used to populate the Content Well (body) of the web page.  All required fields, (indicated by an asterisk *), in the Topic and Metadata tabs must be completed prior to publishing a page.  When [Save] is invoked, an error message will be displayed in the top-right corner of the Content Pane until all fields have been completed.

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Topic tab and related fields

Introduction:  This is not a required field.  If used, the field is limited to a maximum of 350 characters.  As you type in this field the character count indicate how many available characters you can enter in the field.  Once the maximum has been reached the character count will display in red and a field validation error will be displayed when the [Save] action is invoked

Body:  Unlimited characters

The following three options exist for maximizing the editor window:

  • Click on the grey vertical bar between the Navigation Pane and the Content Pane to collapse the Navigation Pane
  • Use the maximize screen icon icon in the toolbar to expand the editor window to full browser capacity.  Action buttons cannot be accessed in the view.  Use the maximize screen icon icon again to return to the Content Pane
  • Resize the editor window vertically by placing the cursor in the lower-right corner and dragging the editor downwards
    stretch component example

Use the Editor toolbar to format content and add links, tables and videos