Right Column Promo Box

How the Promo box differs from the Related Links component:

  • an image may be added
  • the text field is mandatory
  • add new links is not available

Like all other components, all required fields must be completed or a warning message will be displayed when the [Save] action is invoked.

  1. Select the Right Column tab 
  2. Click the [Add New Right-column Boxes] action button and choose Promo Box from the drop-down list
    Drop-down list for the Add New Right-column action button
    The Promo Box component will be displayed

Click image to view in full screen
promo box

  1. Enter an applicable title, up to a maximum of 40 characters in the required Heading field
  2. To add an Image, click on the [Browse] button
    The Image Picker will be displayed
    Image Picker
  3. Search or Navigate to the applicable asset which has been uploaded into Asset folders 
  4. Choose the [Select] to complete the action
    The picker will be closed and the image field will be populated
  5. The Image Link field is optional; however, you may to link to a page/asset, or enter an external URL
    •  Enter a secure external URL (include https://), or
    • Select the Browse drop-down menu and choose the applicable option

browse menu
The applicable picker will be displayed

  • Search or Navigate to the page/asset
  • Choose the [Select] to complete the action
    The picker will be closed and the imageLinkUrl field will be populated

​​Note: Target should be changed to New Window if linking to an asset

  1. Type a description of the image in the Image Description field to be displayed on hover and read by screen readers.  Maximum 128 characters.  If your image is purely decorative, leave this field blank so screen readers will ignore it.
  2. Enter up to a maximum 300 characters into the required Text field