Moving Pages to Change Site Navigation

The Content Tree Navigation displays a representation of how pages and external links will appear in the left-hand navigation of a web browser.  Using drag-and-drop a page node can easily be moved to any location within your security group. 

  1. Navigate to the applicable location in the Content Tree Navigation
  2. Click on the page node and hold down the left-button on the mouse

    The node becomes highlighted and surrounded by a grey box
    Content Navigation Pane with a New Page node
  3. Continue to hold down the mouse button, and drag the page node to the new location

    The node remains highlighted and the grey box indicates the level in the tree
    moving a page in the Navigation Pane
  4. Release the mouse button

    The Content Tree Navigation will be refreshed with the page node in the new location
    moved page in new location
  5. If the page has been published to the Production web server, the modified symbol will be displayed in the page icon. The page will need to be republished for the new location to be reflected in the left navigation in Production.