Add External Links to Left-Hand Navigation

External links appear in the left-hand navigation of a web page and may represent an external URL or internal URL. Consider the user experience when using this functionality.

  1. Navigate to the applicable location in the Content Tree Navigation and select the Parent node (topic or sub-topic) that you want the external link to be created under
  2. Check the box next to the page node selected checkbox, or click on the page node title to select it
  3. Click the drop-down Action menu and select New External Link
    Content action drop-down menu

    The New Link Settings tab will be displayed in the Content Pane and the node will appear highlighted at the bottom of the chosen topic
    External Link pane
    • Enter an applicable Title (to appear in the left-navigation)
    • Enter the full URL in the External URL Link field.  For example:
    • Check the Open in new window box only if you are linking to a non-browser application, for example a PDF
    • Check the Hide from Navigation? box if you do not want the link displayed in the left-hand navigation
  4. Click [Save] to complete the action