Publishing Content & Assets in the CMS Lite

Publishing Process Overview

  1. Select the 'publish' action using the button or action menu
  2. Choose whether you want to Publish Now or schedule a job for a future date and/or time
  3. CMS Lite will attempt to validate the selected file(s). If there are any validation errors, a message will be displayed in the top-right corner of the current pane and the job will not be processed
  4. If there are no validation errors, a workflow job to publish the selected file(s) to the Production web server will be created
  5. You can check the workflow status from the Workflow Status Pane and add or remove files if the job has not yet completed

Publishing Tips

Assets are not automatically published

Failure to publish assets used on a page will result in broken links and missing images. Assets may be published via the Assets Menu screen and should be published before the pages if using this method. Alternately, you may attach assets to a workflow set to Publish Later to ensure everything is published at the same time. 

Publishing left-hand navigation only

The Publish Left Navigation action on the Content Navigation Pane is designed to republish any changes made to the page order (information architecture) without publishing the page content. 

Why can't I see my published content on the Production website?

Check Workflow Status

If the content does not appear, check the status of the job in the Workflow Status Pane.  If the status indicates Failed_Publish, select the [Retry] action button to initiate the workflow again. If the publish job continues to fails, submit a Service Request to determine the root problem.

Check for "hide from navigation"

If the published page is not appearing in the left-hand navigation, check to see if the selected checkbox Hide from navigation? box is selected in the Content Settings tab. 

Clear your browser cache

If the Workflow Status is COMPLETE, try refreshing the browser window by pressing Crtl + F5 to clear the cache.

Differences between Quality Assurance (QA) and Production (PROD) servers

When viewing page content on the Quality Assurance (QA) web server, all pages will appear in the left-hand navigation (unless Hide from Navigation has been selected), and all associated assets will render. However, only published pages will appear in the left-hand navigation on the Production web server and only published assets will be accessible. 


Once content has been published to the Production web server, it may be Unpublished (removed from the Production web server). 

Unpublishing is not deleting

When you unpublish a page, it remains accessible in the CMS Lite application and viewable on the QA web server. 

If you delete the node, the page is permanently removed from the CMS Lite  and is only retrievable by submitting a service request to the GDX Service Desk.

Unpublishing a page with child nodes

It is important to remember when unpublishing pages to check the page hierarchy in the Navigation Tree in the Content Menu. If you unpublish a page that has child nodes, links to those pages will be broken and they will not appear in the left-hand navigation. You may need to move child nodes to make them accessible.