Social media tagging for your CMS Lite page

Learn how to add Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph (FacebookOG) metadata to your CMS Lite pages. When your page is shared via Twitter or Facebook, it will include your summary of the page and custom image.

How to add social media tagging

1. On the Tags tab, Click "Add Tag Collection". Add the following tag collections: 

  • Facebook-OG
  • TwitterCard 

Screenshot of Tags tab before adding a Tag Collection

2. Change Twitter "summary" to "summary_large_image" for a larger preview

Screenshot of TwitterCard showing change from "summary" card to "large summary" card

3. Add:

  • image (size: 1200 x 628 pixels)
  • title
  • description

Make the description short, concise and load the best information at the front.

Screentshot showing Title, Description, and Image fields filled in for Facebook-OG and TwitterCard tag collections

4. Save, publish and debug - you need to be signed into Twitter and Facebook to access debuggers which scrape your website for the updated OG data

What it will look like


Link share preview:

Screenshot showing Facebook link share preview with large image, title, and succinct description


Link share preview:

TwitterCard preview showing large image, title, and succinct descriptionIf you don't follow these steps, shares of your site will look more like these:


Screentshot showing Facebook share preview with no FacebookOG tagging applied. No image, and no control over the title and description.Twitter:

Twitter will only display a normal link if you don't add TwitterCard tagging.