Attach/Detach Files

Additional pages and/or assets may be attached when a workflow is in a PENDING_PUBLISH state to ensure they are all published to the Production web server at the same time.

To attach an asset or page to a pending workflow:

  1. Click on the applicable hyperlink in the Workflow Details column
    Details column in the Workflow Status grid
    The Workflow Details box will be displayed
    Attach/Detach workflow details box
  2. Choose a the applicable action button to display the dynamic picker and select a page or asset
    Select Asset picker
  3. Using the Search or Tree Navigation tab, find the applicable file and click the [Select] button
    The Workflow Details will be re-displayed with the attached file
    Workflow Details box with new attachment
  4. Repeat to add additional assets or pages
  5. Click [Close] to close the Workflow Details
    The Workflow Status Pane will be re-displayed