Insert Grid Layouts

This tool is available for creating table-like content layouts that allow content to flow properly on small devices while meeting accessibility standards.   Grid layouts should not be used to replace the use of tables for the presentation of tabular data.

The Insert Grid Layout option is only found in the Body component toolbar and offers four layouts.

  1. Place the cursor in the Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) where the grid layout is to be inserted
  2. Click the Insert Grid Layout grid icon icon on the toolbar
    The following options will be displayed
    grid layout drop-down options
  3. Choose one of the following layout options:

    Left column layout:  column ratio will be 25% and 75% of the content well

left column layout sample

Right column layout:  column ratio will be 75% and 25% of the content well

right column layout sample

Two column layout: column ratio will be divided equally within the content well

two column layout sample

Three column layout: column ratio will be distributed equally within the content well

three column layout sample

The layout option will be embedded in the editor

  1. Enter the desired text in each of the column sections

See Interface Guidelines for information about removing, moving or adding paragraphs between grids.