Tags Tab

A Tag Collection allows users to define specific metadata elements (once), and then apply that single schema to all the pages as needed. The values selected in a tag collection become metadata tags on a webpage.Tags are created to cater for specific subject area terms/vocabularies to assist the user with reducing their search results by filtering information down to specific terms that relate closely with their search.

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Tags tab

  1. Click on the [Add Tag Collection] action button
    The Tag Picker will be displayed
    Tag Collection Picker
  2. Search or Navigate to the applicable tag collection and [Select]
    The Tag Collection is added
    Tag Collection sample
  3. Tag collections can be varied depending on what field types are used when created.  The sample above consists of combination of the following field types:
    • An [Add] button which invokes a Term Picker to select from a controlled vocabulary
    • Drop-down list with pre-defined options to populate the field
    • Free-form text with a maximum character length