Replace Existing Assets

  1. Navigate to the applicable location in the Asset Navigation where the existing asset resides
  2. Click on the Asset Folder title selected checkbox to select it
  3. Click the drop-down Action menu and select Upload File(s)
    Upload File selection on Asset action menu
    The Upload File box will be displayed
    Upload Files box
  4. Click the [Choose Files] button
    The Choose file box will be displayed
     browsing file on computer
  5. Navigate to the applicable file(s).  Select a single file, or use hold the Shift or Ctrl key down to select multiple files
    selecting two file from the browse window
  6. Click [Open]
    The Upload File box will  re-displayed with the number of selected files, indicating which file(s) will be overwritten
  7. Click the [Confirm] button to complete the action. Chose [Close] if you do not wish to overwrite the files
    A progress bar will be displayed in the Upload File box
    overwrite message
  8. Once the upload is complete, select the Folder tab in the Asset Folder Pane
    The asset(s) will be in a PUBLISHED, but Modified Y status
    Click image to view in full screen
    Asset Folder showing modified assets
  9. Select the checkbox selected checkbox next to the modified file, and choose the [Publish] action button to re-publish the modified file to the Production web server.