Asset History Tab

The History tab will display the history of actions performed on an asset. The three columns may be sorted in ascending or descending order. By default, the grid will be sorted by the Date column, with the most recent information showing first. By default, the grid will display 10 results; however, you may use the Results Per Page to display 25 or 50 results per page.

The following information will be tracked:

  • The date and time the action was invoked
  • The IDIR account name of the person that invoked the action
  • The action that was invoked

The following actions will be tracked:

  • When an asset is first uploaded.  File name: [Folder > ... > Parent folder > file_name]
  • When an asset is published.  Asset published: [Folder > ... > Parent folder > file_name]
  • When an asset is  unpublished.  Asset unpublished: [Folder > ... > Parent folder > file_name]
  • When an asset is replaced.  Asset replaced: [Folder > ... > Parent folder > file_name]
  • When an asset title is changed and saved.  Asset title changed to: [title]
  • When metadata or tags changes are saved.  Asset Metadata or Tags has changed
  • When an asset file name is changed and saved.  Asset file name changed to: [file_name]
  • When an asset is moved
    • Old location: [Folder > ... > Parent folder > file_name]
    • New location: [Folder > ... > Parent folder > file_name]
  • When an asset is reverted.  Reverted asset to historic version dated [date/time]
  • Applied security group; Group: [group_name]
  • Removed security group; Group: [group_name]

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Asset Setting History tab example

Data, Review & Revert

Similar to the review and revert functionality found in the Content History Tab, CMS Lite users can view the last five historical versions of an asset, copy specific data or revert to a previous version.

Unlike content, the Review and Revert buttons are not displayed:

  • If you replace (overwrite) the same asset several times, but only publish one of the new versions
    • only the published version may be reverted
  • When the Save action is invoked
    • If you make any change to the file attributes. Example: change any fields in the Settings tab or add metadata
  • Immediately after an asset is published
    • Review and Revert will be displayed only after the asset is replaced again
  • On versions older than the last five published versions

Data opens a new browser tab and displays the asset Settings, Usage, Metadata and Tags tabs

Review opens a dialog box prompting the content editor to display or save the file
open asset dialog box

  • If you save the file and make changes, you will need to re-upload the asset to the CMS Lite

Revert: allows content editors to revert an asset to a previous published version.  It reverts all information in the Settings, Usage, Metadata and Tags tabs

  • The reverted asset must be re-published to the Production web server