Clone a Page with Children

  1. Navigate to the applicable location in the Content Navigation Pane and check the box next to the page node selected checkbox, or click on the page node title to select it
  2. Click the drop-down Action menu and select Clone Page with Children
    Content action drop-down menu
    The Clone dialogue box will be displayed
    clone all children confirmation dialog box
  3. Click [Confirm] to complete the action
    A confirmation message indicating the number of clones created will be displayed.  The cloned pages will be displayed in the Content Pane and will appear in the navigation tree at a sibling level (same level) as the page that was cloned
    success message for clone with children

    Click image to view in full screen
    Navigation Pane with cloned pages and Content Pane
  • The Title,  Nav Title and Page Path fields will be populated with original name - clone-x,  where x is a unique system-generated number. All three fields must be updated prior to publishing
  • The Created By and Created Date values will be updated to reflect the name and date of the person that cloned the page, along with the Modified Date, Modified By, Locked Date and Locked By fields.
  • Prod URL, Prod GUID URL ad  ID are assigned to the cloned pages.
  • All tabs within the template are copied including Metadata (with the exception of the Keywords and Description fields) and Tags.  It is important to update these fields to reflect the new content.  See the Content Pane tab for further information

Validation Warnings

If you do not remove the words Clone from the Title, Nav Title and Page Path on the Settings tab, a warning message will be displayed the first time you select the [Save] action button.  The message will not be displayed on subsequent saves.
Warning message displayed when a page is saved with 'clone' in the title

Important: make sure to also remove the system generated number from all three fields.

A warning message will be displayed each time the [Save] action is invoked until all mandatory fields are completed.  An exclamation mark will be displayed on the tab(s) that contain missing field information, and the field(s) will be highlighted by a yellow border. 

page validation warning message

If the [Publish] action is invoked when missing mandatory fields exist, the warning message and icon(s) will be red, and the field(s) will be highlighted by a red border. 

unsuccessful publish message due to missing field content