Vehicle Fleet Management

Last updated on January 23, 2024

Vehicle Fleet Management is the administration of motor vehicles such as cars, vans and light trucks. It includes a broad range of services such as acquisition, fuel, insurance and maintenance.

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COVID-19 Fleet Updates

These guides have been prepared by Holman to assist vehicle fleet administrators and users during COVID-19. 

Fleet Planning Guide (PDF, 79.9KB) for on-the-road prevention tips and best practices

  • Key tip: Make sure vehicles are stocked with disinfecting supplies such as hand sanitizer, wipes, and surface cleaners

Fueling Tips (PDF, 567.3KB) to help avoid cross-contamination at the pump

  • Key tip: Make sure gloves are available for fueling

Holman Insights Fuel Supplier Information (PDF, 474.9KB)

Changes to Collision Procedures (PDF, 485.5KB) to limit driver contact

  • Key tips:
    • Verbally share phone numbers and then take photos of insurance, vehicle, and identity documentation
    • Riding in the tow truck is now prohibited by most towing companies. Drivers of  disabled vehicles should make their own, alternate arrangements such as being picked up by a colleague or family member, or using public transport/ taxi
    • Contact the police prior to making a trip to police department

If a vehicle requires professional sanitization, contact a cleaning/decontamination vendor:

Card Options

Procurement Services Branch offers two options within Vehicle Fleet Management:

  1. Full service card
  2. Fuel only service card
Full Service Card Fuel Only Service Card
  • fuel
  • lubricants
  • miscellaneous at-the-pump replacement parts
  • mechanical maintenance or repairs
  • tires, tire repairs, replacement glass or glass repairs
  • towing or roadside assistance
  • fuel
  • lubricants
  • fuel-station washes
  • vehicle-related items
  • roadside assistance services

Procurement Services Branch provides assistance to ministries and broader public sector with acquisition (owned and seasonally rented) and maintenance no matter which service card is selected. Disposal is available through Asset Investment Recovery.

Who can access these services?

This supply arrangement is available to:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector

What services are provided?

B.C. government ministries vehicle fleet management includes acquisition, fuel, insurance and maintenance, and an executive lease vehicle program. For questions or details regarding the executive lease vehicle program, contact Procurement Services Branch. Disposal is available through Asset Investment Recovery.

B.C. broader public sector vehicle fleet management includes acquisition, fuel and maintenance.

What do I need to know?

See the core policy and related links located on the right hand side of this website

How do I access these services?

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending upon the services requested.

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Important Information

This arrangement expires January 31, 2026