Facilitation Services

Services you can purchase

Hire a facilitator as a neutral third party to:

  • Guide strategic planning sessions or meetings
  • Manage group communication
  • Build organizational effectiveness
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Assist with conflict resolution

Use this supply arrangement

Step 1: Check if your organization is authorized. Organizations that may use this supply arrangement are:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations on the CSA User's List

Step 2: Review pricing and contact the supplier. When you contact them, indicate which organization you work for and reference their CSA number.

Step 3: Complete your purchase. Work with the supplier to complete the purchase documentation required by your organization. Ministries may use the purchase document template (PDF, 888KB).

Information about this supply arrangement

  • Download a copy of the complete terms and conditions (PDF, 165KB)
  • This supply arrangement expires March 31, 2023, with two additional one-year options to extend
  • Only services outlined on the price lists are available; other services need to be obtained in accordance with CPPM 6 - Procurement Policy
  • The maximum value of an individual purchase through this CSA is $75,000 (including freight and taxes)

Pricing and supplier contact information

Pricing information is confidential and must not be shared. To access pricing, you will need a:

  • B.C. government IDIR, or
  • BCeID that is registered with the Procurement Services Branch

Pricing/Schedule A and B, Berlin Eaton (PDF, 87KB)
CSA Number: CS-000980

1101-732 Cormorant St.
Victoria, BC  V8W 4A5

Contact: Shelly Berlin
Phone: 250-472-3767

Profile: Berlin Eaton (PDF, 740KB)

Pricing/ Schedule A and B Claricoast (PDF, 87KB)
CSA Number: CS-000979

7066 Qualicum Way
Powell River, BC V8A 5V6

Contact: James Bretzlaff
Phone: 250-889-2715

Profile: Claricoast (PDF, 800KB)

Pricing/ Schedule A and B, Elevate_Consulting (PDF, 87KB)
CSA Number: CS-000978

301-31 Bastion Square
Victoria, BC  V8W 1J1

Contact: Michael LeBoldus
Phone: 250-483-6660

Profile: Elevate Consulting (PDF, 90KB)

Pricing/ Schedule A and B, Helios (PDF, 88KB)
CSA Number: CS-000977

2700 W 10th Ave.
Vancouver, BC  V6K 2J9

Contact: Kyle Stamm
Phone: 604-825-5486

Profile: Helios (PDF, 945KB)

Pricing/Schedule A and B, Integra_Strategic_Solutions (PDF, 86KB)
CSA Number: CS-000982

12189 Revercomb Place
Victoria, BC V8V 3G5

Contact: Paul Sacilotto
Phone: 250-514-7022

Profile: Integra Strategic Solutions (PDF, 540KB)


Pricing/Schedule A and B, MNP_LLP (PDF, 87KB)
CSA Number: CS-000976

300 - 888 Fort St
Victoria, BC V8W 1H8

Contact: Bill Reid
Phone: 778-265-8885

Profile: MNP LLP (PDF, 184KB)

Pricing/Schedule A and B, Red Ball (PDF, 87KB)
CSA Number: CS-000975

2270 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC V8V 1V3

Contact: Cheryl Mitchell
Phone: 604-818-0950

Profile: Red Ball (PDF, 250KB)

Pricing/Schedule A and B, Succeed (PDF, 86KB)
CSA Number: CS-000974

1745 Barrie Rd.
Victoria, BC  V8N 2W4

Contact: Denise Owen
Phone: 250-580-0066

Profile: Succeed Solutions (PDF, 330KB)