Shredding - On and Off-site

Services you can purchase

Secure destruction of paper-based documents

  • Off-site: documents are transported via secure vehicles, shredded in a secure facility, and recycled
    • More environmentally-friendly
    • This method is preferred, where available
  • On-site: documents are shredded in supplier’s vehicle parked on or adjacent to the site, and recycled
    • Use this service only if your security requirements demand it

Use this supply arrangement

Step 1: Check if your organization is authorized. Organizations that may use this supply arrangement are:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations on the CSA Users list

Step 2: Determine which services are available in your community and the service frequency within the Geographic Coverage & Service Frequency table (PDF, 218.6KB).

Step 3: Review pricing then complete the Shredding Order Form (DOC, 35KB) and email to the supplier to initiate pick-up.

Information about this supply arrangement

  • Download a copy of the complete terms and conditions (PDF, 660KB)
  • This supply arrangement expires on April 2, 2024.
  • Only services outlined on the price lists are available; other services need to be obtained in accordance with CPPM 6 - Procurement Policy
  • The maximum value of an individual purchase through this CSA is $75,000 (including freight and taxes)
  • Visit Asset Investment Recovery for information on disposing electronic media (e.g. cell phones, hard drives, flash drives, etc.)
  • Visit Records Management to review requirements on managing digital and physical records

Pricing and supplier contact information

Pricing information is confidential and must not be shared. To access pricing, you will need a:

  • B.C. government IDIR, or
  • BCeID that is registered with the Procurement Services Branch


Pricing/Schedule B, Off-site shredding (PDF, 175KB)
Pricing/Schedule B, On-site shredding (PDF, 175KB)
CSA Number: CS-000909

1-2520 Davies Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC  V3C 4T7


You may also contact Stericycle by phone, however, email is the preferred method to ensure the most efficient response. If you wish to contact them via phone at 1-877-450-6287 PLEASE ENSURE that once you are speaking with a call centre employee that you advise them that you are a “Province of BC/National customer”.  This will ensure you are directed to the proper department and receive priority treatment.

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Contact Information

For order form questions, collection issues, bin delivery and general service issues

Email:  Shred-it Customer Service - If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, call 1-877-450-6287

For general questions

Phone: 250-387-7300