Mail, Payment and Document Processing

Last updated: June 16, 2022

Mail Payment and Document Processing (MPDP) is a business line of BC Mail Plus. It is a cost-recovery model that provides a wide variety of services including: 

  • State-of-the-art digital mailroom scanning
  • High-speed digital imaging options
  • Data capture and
  • Remittance processing 

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Who can use this supply arrangement?

This supply arrangement is available to:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector

What services can I get?

MPDP is highly secure and compliant with government core policies including Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) installed local area network servers.

MPDP services include:

  • Remittance processing
  • Imaging
  • Data capture/keying
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Manual keying directly into the source system 
  • Return mail processing
  • Records management
  • Digital mailroom
  • Secure upload to your source system (such as GenTax)

How do I access these services?

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the specific job requirements. Please consider the following when requesting an estimate:

  • Approximate number of images (1 image = 1 side of a piece of paper) to be scanned
  • Any pre-processing services, such as removing staples, removing binding, backing sheets and post-it notes
  • Any indexing required
  • Searchability needs in your documents
  • Documents are to imaged in black and white, colour or both
  • Oversized documents (greater than 12” x 18”)
  • Post-Imaging storage or shredding (returned, off-sited or secure destruction)

Please contact MPDP for an estimate based on your specific requirements.

Government program providing service

BC Mail Payment and Document Processing (MPDP) Centre

1100-4464 Markham Street
Victoria BC  V8Z 7X8

phone: 250-419-8962

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