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Note: Device availability may vary by provider.

This CSA is for B.C. government and B.C. broader public sector work phones. If you are interested in personal cell phones, go to the employee discount store.

Use this supply arrangement

Step 1: Check if your organization is authorized. Organizations that may use this supply arrangement are:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations on the CSA Users list

Step 2: Contact your telecommunications coordinator to begin the purchasing process. This person may be the one who orders equipment for new employees in your ministry, division, branch, or program area.

Step 3: Review available devices and plans on the provider’s secure website. Find the website link and login information in the Pricing section of this page. When selecting a provider, consider:

  • Available network coverage
  • Some organizations prefer all devices use the same provider

Step 4: Place an order by phone, email, or in-person. In general, the telecommunications coordinator will complete this step. Provide an account number or request a new account from the provider. Orders can be paid for by Purchase Card or invoice.

  • The provider may complete a Purchase Order Details Form requiring a signature; A copy of this form can be submitted to the appropriate finance or accounts payable department


  • Online on the Bell secure website (see Pricing section for link and login information)
    • Note: Before placing your first order, contact a B.C. government Bell representative to obtain a secure ordering ID and password
  • Phone or email a B.C. government Bell representative


TELUS (B.C. government only)

​​Step 4: Receive the device. The provider may ship the device directly to a designated workplace or dealer location for pick-up. 

Step 5: For B.C. government only, contact your iStore preparer. They will enroll the device in the Mobile Device Management Service using the OCIO online request form (IDIR required).

Information about this supply arrangement

Pricing and supplier contact information

Pricing information is confidential and must not be shared. 



View login information and link to the Bell secure website (PDF, 181KB)
CSA Number: CS-000-20210701PSB

For help with:

  • CSA inquiries related to pricing for Ministries & Departments
  • New account set up
  • Existing account inquiries
  • Orders
  • New user ID and password

Core Government Contact:
Megan Passmore
Wireless Specialist
Phone: 403-410-8972
Email: megan.passmore@bell.ca

CSA Approved Organizations Contact:
Norm Rocheleau
Wireless Specialist
Phone: 778-773-9498
Email: norman.rocheleau@bell.ca

For help with:

  • General voice or data issues

Contact: Bell User Support Centre
Phone: 1-877-328-2123

For additional information, refer to Schedule D Problem Resolution and Repair document (PDF, 110.7KB)



View login information and link to the Rogers secure website (PDF, 173KB)
CSA Number: CS-000-20210629PSB

 For help with:

  • Orders

Contact an authorized Rogers dealer:


Contact: Kelly Truong
Phone: 1-877-961-1424
Regions served: Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver

Imagine Wireless

Contact: Trevor Halsted
Phone: 250-744-9292
Region served: Vancouver Island

Fraser Valley Wireless

Contact: Courtnie Glennie
Phone: 604-244-0550
Regions served: Metro Vancouver, All other regions (except Vancouver Island)

For help with:

  • Orders
  • Billing
  • Account set-up or changes
  • Online reports and tools
  • Roaming information and travel packs
  • Voicemail password resets
  • SIM card provisioning
  • Reporting lost or stolen devices

Contact: B.C. Government Business Support Group
Phone: 1-877-274-3375, option 2, then extension 55801

For help with:

  • Network or device problems
  • Troubleshooting

Contact: Rogers Technical Support
Phone: 1-877-274-3375, option 1

For help with:

  • CSA inquiries
  • Account management and guidance

Contact: Paul Wormenhoven (Public Sector Account Manager)
Phone: 250-704-6994


View login information and link to the TELUS secure website (PDF, 93KB)
CSA Number: CS-000659

For help with:

  • Orders
  • Device accessories

Contact: An authorized TELUS dealer (PDF, 123KB)

For help with:

  • Orders
  • Changing phone numbers
  • Adding or remove network features
  • Reporting a lost, stolen, or recovered device
  • Difficulty access voicemail or emails from U.S.

Contact: Province of B.C. Dedicated Client Care
Phone: 1-800-377-5011

For help with:

  • Rate plans and features
  • Cell phone features
  • Customized billing
  • Reporting
  • Training for branch managers on TELUS reporting tools

Contact: Ali Ramezan

For help with:

  • Cell phone, smartphone, and mobile internet features
  • Coverage maps
  • User guides
  • Help pages

Visit the TELUS Mobility website


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