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Accommodation discounts for business or medical travel within B.C.

Use this supply arrangement

Step 1: Check if you are authorized to use this arrangement:

Business Travel

If you are an employee or representative of one of these organizations/groups, you may use this arrangement:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • MLAs
  • Members of the Judiciary
  • Jury Members
  • Contractor of an eligible organization (see FAQ section for details)
  • Alberta, Saskatchewan, or State of Washington government employees
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations on the CSA Users list

Medical Travel

  • B.C. residents requiring out-of-town, non-emergency medical services

Step 2: View available properties and pricing by location. 

Step 3: Book your accommodations. Contact the property directly to reserve your room and inform the agent of the rate (provincial government or medical travel) that applies to you.

Step 4: Check in. You may be asked to provide proof of employment (business travel) or proof of medical necessity (medical travel).

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are specific to business and medical accommodations.

For resources and policies for government employees, visit the Employee Business Travel Resource Centre


How do I search for a property?

Enter your destination address in the search bar on the Business Travel or Medical Travel page OR select the city/community where you would like to stay. 


What is a standard room?

A standard room is a normal room offered by the property. It is clean and heated and has at least 1 bed, a television, and self-contained washroom. Properties are required to supply a standard room, at the listed rate, if one is available. If the hotel is sold out of standard rooms they may offer a better quality room at the same rate, but are not obligated to do so unless the original room reservation was confirmed / guaranteed.


What should I do if the property has a higher conference rate?

Properties may offer conference rates, that have been negotiated with the conference organizer, and are accessible to all attendees.

Properties are not obliged to offer rooms at the government rate if you identify yourself as a conference participant. In this case, the conference rate is applied to your booking.

There may be multiple reasons for this:

  • The quoted rate is for a non-standard room. It's possible the hotel does not have any standard rooms available and the quote is for the next available room rate. If this is the case, contact another property that has standard rooms available at the listed rate.
  • Confirm the hotel knows you are referring to the provincial government rate as they may be quoting a federal or municipal government rate.
  • Many properties have reservation call centres and they may be quoting a different rate. Contact the property directly instead or ask to speak to someone at the property.
  • Consider your occupancy. If you are travelling with someone and sharing a standard room, there could be an additional cost per person. If this is the case, the double or twin rate may be quoted.
  • Check the property’s blackout dates. If your travel occurs during blackout dates, the hotel is not obligated to provide you with a standard room at the listed government rate.

Can I stay with family or friends? 

Government employees may use private accommodation instead of commercial accommodation and claim the private accommodation allowance. Review CPPM Chapter 10 - Travel for information on allowances.

All fees and levies are included in the rates listed. At check-out, hotels might break down these fees on a separate line. The standard room rate and these fees must total what is listed.

The destination marketing fee (DMF) and taxes assessed by a government (e.g. provincial sales tax and municipal and regional district tax) will be charged in addition to the standard room rate listed.

Acceptable identification may vary depending on your employer. Identification will include, at a minimum, traveller’s name and employer.

For B.C. government employees, B.C. Public Sector entity employees, and Alberta, Saskatchewan or State of Washington business travellers, if requested, be prepared to present:

  • Photo identification and;
  • A business card, pay stub, or business email address (e.g. or

Can a consultant/contractor use the government rate while on official business?

Yes, consultants/contractors of the B.C. government or an organization on the CSA Users List may receive the government rate if they present a letter of authorization (DOC, 153KB) signed by the Province’s or entity’s contract manager and their accommodation expenses are reimbursable as part of their agreement. The letter must include:

  • Full name of contractor/consultant
  • Start and finish dates of contract

The hotel (or property) may not have submitted a rate for the month or the rate they submitted was too high so they were not successful for the month. Properties submit rates by month so each monthly rate submitted could be different. Also, not all properties submit rates for every month of the year. High season, low season and mid-season vary so properties need to be able to submit different rates for each month. During evaluations, each month in each community is evaluated separately.

These rates are for business travel or medical travel only.

If you are B.C. government employee, some properties do offer leisure/personal travel rates. Visit the Employee Discount Store on @Work (IDIR required) for more information.

Use the medical travel rates when you (or a family member that you are care for) must travel out-of-town to obtain non-emergency specialist and outpatient medical services.

For further assistance, consider the Travel Assistance Program which can help with transportation costs.

  • Single (S): 1 person and 1 bed in the room
  • Double (D): 2 people and 1 bed in the room
  • Twin (T): 2 people and 2 beds in the room

Breakfast offerings vary by property and may not include everything listed below.

  • Continental breakfast typically includes coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices, cereal, fruit, toast (white/whole wheat bread), bagel and a selection of baked goods (e.g. muffins, croissants, and pastries) and may offer a milk beverage alternative (soy, almond)
  • Deluxe continental typically includes all items in the continental breakfast plus yogurt, eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled or omelette), pancakes and/or waffles, and oatmeal/porridge
  • Full breakfast typically includes bacon, sausage, or ham or meat alternative (beans, lentils, tofu, seeds/nuts), cereal, fruit, toast (white/whole wheat bread), bagel, baked goods, yogurt, eggs (hard-boiled, scrambled or omelette), pancakes and/or waffles, oatmeal/porridge, coffee, tea, milk, milk beverage alternative (soy or almond), and fruit juice


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