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Coaching services for executive-level employees’ for leadership, management performance, or development

NOTE:  Not all the services below are able to be provided through the CSA by all Executive Coaches.  Refer to each Executive Coach’s Biography (see Step 3 below) for the services they provide.

  1. Development of succession candidates/career planning
  2. Support transitioning into new or more senior roles
  3. Developing and implementing development/learning plans and coaching toward achieving the elements of the plan
  4. Executive Coaching Services with an Indigenous Peoples focus
  5. Provide 360 Assessments using one of authorized types of 360 Assessment models
  6. Executive Coaching Services to situational issues and building executive competencies in areas including, but not limited to:
  • Executive communications
  • Vision and goal setting
  • Complex decision-making
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate perspective
  • Organizational agility
  • Change management
  • Building strategic stakeholder alliances
  • Risk management
  • Managing conflict
  • Authenticity and self-awareness

Use this supply arrangement

Step 1: Check if your organization is authorized. Organizations that may use this supply arrangement are:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations on the CSA User's List

Step 2: Review the selection and ordering process (DOCX, 16KB).  Once you are familiar with requirements of this process, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Review the supplier summary document (XLSX, 14KB) listing all Executive Coaches and their areas of specialty to select all of the Executive Coaches that offer the particular services you are seeking.

Step 4: Review the biography for each Executive Coach identified in Step 3 above to select the Executive Coach that best meets your needs. 

Step 5: Issue a Service Request form (DOCX, 15KB) to the Executive Coach you have selected, then follow items (f) through (i) in the Selection and Ordering process (see Step 2 above).

Step 6: Once a Service Request has been signed by both the Purchaser and the CSA Holder, an Order has been established, which is the form of contract. View a copy of Appendix D (order terms and conditions) (PDF, 434KB).

Information about this supply arrangement

  • Download a copy of the complete CSA terms and conditions (PDF, 758KB)
  • This supply arrangement expires December 14, 2023 with three one-year options to extend
  • Only services outlined on the price lists are available; other services need to be obtained in accordance with CPPM 6 - Procurement Policy
  • There is no dollar maximum of an individual purchase through this CSA

Supplier contact information

A list of Supplier contacts has been provided for your convenience. Please see here.


Intex Consulting Group Inc.

Biography for authorized Executive Coach:

Services & Pricing (Appendix A), Intex Consulting (PDF, 222KB)
CSA Number: CS-001111

Contact: Rob Cooke
Phone:  250-516-6432

Biography for authorized Executive Coach:

Services & Pricing  (Appendix A), James Bretzlaff (PDF, 220KB)
CSA Number: CS-001112

Contact: James Bretzlaff 
Phone:  250-889-2715

Biography for authorized Executive Coach:

Services & Pricing  (Appendix A), Lily Seto (PDF, 225KB)
CSA Number: CS-001113

Contact: Lily Seto
Phone:  778-679-4088

Biography for authorized Executive Coach:

Services & Pricing  (Appendix A), Linda Dobson (PDF, 147KB)
CSA Number: CS-001114

Contact: Linda Dobson
Phone:  778-231-8812

Biography for authorized Executive Coach:

Services & Pricing  (Appendix A), Angela Neumann (PDF, 225KB)
CSA Number: CS-001105

Contact: Angela Neumann
Phone:  250-658-9224

Biography for authorized Executive Coach:

Services & Pricing  (Appendix A), Susan Goodfellow (PDF, 230B)
CSA Number: CS-001108

Contact: Susan Goodfellow
Phone:  250-580-2606


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