Emergency Preparedness Kits

Goods you can purchase

  • Emergency preparedness kits (desk, home, work)
  • First aid kits
  • Vehicle survival kits
  • Food and water rations
  • Life-saving accessories

Use this arrangement

Step 1: Check if your organization is authorized. Organizations that may use this arrangement are:

  • B.C. government ministries
  • B.C. broader public sector organizations
  • B.C. government employees

Step 2: Browse in-stock inventory on DCV Online.

  • Note: Kits are final sale

Step 3: Complete your order online or through DCV Customer Service.

  • For business use: orders require a customer number and must be created or approved by a Registered Expense Authority with DCV
  • For personal use: order without a customer number and pay with a personal credit card

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