SunFarm Products

SunFarm Products Ltd. is a consolidated food exporter that provides brand management, wholesale distribution, and supply chain services for the Canadian food and beverage industry.

Established in 2010, SunFarm Products Ltd. (formerly Sinova Foods International) offers a diversified portfolio of Canadian natural food products designed to appeal to Asia-Pacific markets. SunFarm represents a range of Canadian food and beverage brands including BeeMaid, Citadelle (PurNatur), Inniskillin Icewine, Leclerc, Love Child Organics, SunCrop, SunRype, and Western Family.

The company offers a range of products that cover most of the major consumer food & drink categories, including but not limited to: breakfast cereals, beverage, cooking oil, nutritious snacks, sauce and seasoning, Canadian specialties, icewine and organic wine, frozen seafood and fresh fruits.

With strong affirmation in the belief of “Better food, Better you”, SunFarm offers great passion and peerless commitment to both the consumers they serve and the brands that they represent; and through holding an incomparable sense of dedication to quality, the company takes pride in their strong affiliation with natural food suppliers and are devoted to growing the accessibility of natural food brands. The company gives back to the local community by supporting food banks, children’s hospital, breakfast clubs, and fundraising events.