Foley’s Candies

Foley’s Candies Ltd. (Foley’s) is one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of fine quality chocolate.

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The company manufactures dark, milk and white chocolate and compound coatings, and then processes these into a wide range of industrial chocolate ingredients, panned chocolate products and private label packaged goods, including: chippers brand bagged chips, in varieties such as chocolate flavoured, semi-sweet chocolate and butterscotch; baking ingredients, such as dark chocolate blocks, gourmet dark wafers, lemon chips and white chocolate squares; confectionary chocolates, including almond bark, greek yogurt cranberries and milk chocolate peanuts; and seasonal products such as christmas nonpareil chips, halloween nonpareil wafers and pumpkin pie almonds. Product safety is ensured by their Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 Level III certification, and the company also offers certified Kosher and non-GMO products.

Foley’s uses only the finest ingredients to manufacture their chocolate products. From sugar to cocoa powder, cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, suppliers must meet rigorous quality standards. In addition, Foley’s sources nuts and fruits from around the world to make only the very best chocolate products for their customers.

Established in 1963 in Richmond, Foley’s has now been manufacturing fine quality chocolate for more than 50 years. Foley’s prides itself on commitment to customer service, high-quality products and competitive pricing.