Denman Island Chocolate

Last updated on April 27, 2018

Denman Island Chocolate create organic chocolate bars that transport their customers to “chocolate nirvana.”

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The company offers a line of delectable gluten-free chocolate bars for export, made from organic chocolate with high cocoa mass content, ranging from 63 to 72 percent. Flavours offered include: cocoa loco, with an intense 70% cocoa mass content; simply dark, for chocolate purists; sunny-tasting zesty orange; toasted hazelnut, made with fresh nuts from B.C.’s fraser valley; rosemary baby, which tastes like a walk in the forest; razzle dazzle, which includes the added zing of freeze-dried raspberries; gingerama, a subtle blend with candied ginger pieces; espresso chunk, with cracked coffee beans; cool mint, smooth and infused with mint essence; and holy molé, which is spiked with chipotle. Product safety is guaranteed through the stringent requirements of organic certification.

Established in 1998 on Denman Island, Denman Island Chocolate was the first organic chocolate company in Canada, co-founded by Ruth and Daniel Terry. The company is run on the principle that it is important to make a positive change in the world. Every business decision takes this into account.

Environmentally, this includes everything from using recycled and recyclable packaging materials whenever possible, to wrapping their chocolate melter in a cocoa cosy, reducing the amount of electricity necessary to run it. Every year, Denman Island Chocolate donates 1% of their gross income to local groups that support environmental conservation, including the Sierra Club of B.C., Dogwood Initiative and the Denman Island Conservancy.